• Event Date: 24-Feb-2021

DigithON: Innovation and Digitalisation in the Travel Industry

Inspiring plenary sessions, informative workshops and targeted 1-to-1 meetings, the DigithON event promises knowledge gain and new business contacts.

DigithON – Innovation and Digitalisation in the Travel Industry, is a virtual networking event taking place on February 24th 2021. DigithON is an event organised in the framework of the BE-READI ALPS’ project, an inspiring and innovative programme co-financed by the European Union via the INTERREG Alpine Space programme.

The matchmaking will focus on digital transformation for the traveling industry, focusing especially on technologies such as IoT, data analysis, AI etc.

This matchmaking event will provide you with the unique opportunity to meet potential partners related to the digital transformation technologies that are revolutionising businesses.

By participating in the 25-minute pre-scheduled meetings, you will have the chance to find the right contacts to build new regional, national and international business- and technology partnerships.

  • Are you “readi” to expand or develop your business?
  • Do you have a new idea that you want to develop?
  • Do you seek alternative partners to expand and develop your business?

Seize the opportunity to collaborate with national and international organisations, establish new connections and build productive relationships to develop your business.


  • February 24th, 2021, 10.00 - 16.00
  • Registration deadline: February 23th 2021
  • Booking of meetings: February 10th – 23th 2021

Topics addressed

  • research & development in tourism product development
  • personalisation
  • mobile technology
  • recognition technology
  • augmented reality
  • internet of things
  • virtual assistants
  • big data management
  • block chain
  • digitalisation of cultural heritage

Main Target Group/ Who should attend

  • Companies interested in new specific digitalization topics
  • Companies looking for partners and new co-operations
  • Digitalization teams and start-ups seeking new customers and partners
  • Travel industry experts
  • Academics
  • Planning projects towards development and innovation in relevant areas
  • Research institutes relevant as partners in such projects

To register at the event, please click here.

Source: BE READI – DIGITHON (https://bit.ly/3sU7582)