• Posted 11-Jan-2021

CyI Researchers Play Key Role in Developing First Mediterranean Assessment Report by the Independent Network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and Environmental Change (MedECC)

The First Report on Climate and Environmental Change in the Mediterranean Basin - Current Situation and Risks for the Future (MAR1) was recently published by the MedECC Network.

MAR1 was prepared by the independent network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change (MedECC). The First Mediterranean Assessment Report sheds light on climate and environmental changes, their impacts and associated risks in the Mediterranean Basin for the 21st century. The assessment report looks at climate related- as well as non-climate related drivers of change and their impacts on major components of the Mediterranean system in an interdisciplinary and holistic manner. Some of the key findings of MAR1 include:

  • Temperatures in the Mediterranean region will rise 20% faster than the global average and will reach 2.2°C above pre-industrial levels by 2040, if current policies are maintained;
  • Marine ecosystems are threatened by non-indigenous, invasive species and by a massive loss of marine species as a result of increasing water acidification;
  • Coastal regions will face increase in sea level by up to one meter by 2100 that will impact about one third of the region’s population and will lead to significant loss of arable land, particularly in large estuaries like the Nile river mouth;
  • Increases in fires will destroy more than twice the forested areas compared to present conditions;
  • Water scarcity, already now affecting 180 Million people in the Mediterranean will continue to worsen;
  • This and other factors will lead to decreasing crop yields and threaten food security for Mediterranean countries;
  • Severe risks to human health will grow due to synergistic effects between climate warming and deteriorating air quality, particularly in urban settings.

The report is accessible at https://www.medecc.org/first-mediterranean-assessment-report-mar1/.

MedECC was recently awarded the prestigious North South Prize of the Council of Europe for 2020.

Source: The Cyprus Institute (https://bit.ly/2XwCChW)