• Posted 11-Jan-2021

Survey - Local and Regional Digital Indicators

In order to promote digital transformation and the scaling up of digital innovation in cities and communities, the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions and ESPON would like to better understand what different actors are doing, what works, what does not and why. The LORDI (Local and Regional Digital Indicators) framework plays an important role in this effort.

The LORDI framework aims to support digital transformation efforts across Europe by providing the necessary evidence about what is happening at the local and regional level. It helps cities and communities benchmark themselves against others and benefit from peer learning in order to develop better policies and actions.

This set of indicators maps cities and regions in 5 broad categories:

  • local digital infrastructure;
  • local digital skills and capacity building;
  • local digital economy and services;
  • governance and digital single market; and
  • socioeconomic context.

As one of the milestones to validate the LORDI framework and indicators so far, the Commission has developed this survey. The purpose of the survey is not to collect data. Instead, the goal is to validate the LORDI framework and the proposed indicators with cities across Europe.

To participate in the survey, please click here.

Source: Digital Single Market (https://bit.ly/38zDqJ7)