• Event Date: 14-Oct-2020

Communicating Science #EngageAudience - Virtual session

During the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities.

Science communication (SC) is an important challenge for scientific work in the regions. It increases the attractiveness of research and encourages the best scientists to conduct research at research institutions within the regions. SC is a crucial tool to boost internationalisation. It involves raising awareness of the Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe opportunities, including among external audiences, which helps to build a prestigious image of research institutions and attracts experts from abroad.

This workshop will address the issue of science communication from different perspectives, including the role of open science. SC takes place at many levels (within scientific communities and outside to the public); during this workshop, facilitators will focus on popularisation of science, bringing it closer to society, for example to the man on the street, policy-makers and researchers. During the debate, facilitators will also mention different appeals and initiatives regarding COVID-19. The speakers will discuss not only examples of good practice but also the challenges they have been facing and potential solutions.

More information: https://bit.ly/2EKI5eO