• Posted 20-Jan-2020

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks confirm a stable submission trend

The Research Executive Agency has received 1509 project proposals by the deadline of the MSCA ITN call on 14 January 2020.

In total, €530 million are available to fund R&I projects for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN), which will train a new generation of creative, entrepreneurial and innovative researchers at the start of their career. The call closes with an anticipated success rate around 10.3% and is expected to support more than 2,000 researchers.

This year’s call confirms that the European Training Networks (ETN) is the most popular scheme with 1285 project proposals submitted, followed by the European Industrial Doctorates (EID) with 142 proposals and the European Joint Doctorates (EJD) with 82 proposals.

Projects will be selected for funding with the support of external independent evaluators drawn from the European Commission's experts' database. Evaluations are expected to start on 7 February 2020, and the selection results will be known by 14 June 2020 at the latest. REA will sign grant agreements with the successful applicants in September 2020.

Source: Research Executive Agency News (http://bit.ly/36VGkVg)