• Posted 09-Dec-2019

€80 million available to fund Research and Innovation Staff Exchanges (MSCA-RISE)

A call for project proposals to fund joint Research and Innovation projects via Staff Exchanges under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Programme (MSCA-RISE) is open until 28 April 2020.

The call makes available €80 million. Each project can request up to €2.48 million in EU funding.

This is an opportunity to boost research and innovation activities in Europe by:

  • Strengthening research partnerships within Europe but also with third countries
  • Supporting collaboration between academia and industry
  • Developing researchers’ careers via mobility
  • Transferring knowledge and scientific discoveries across disciplines.

Consortia of at least three independent organisations from three different countries (two of which in Member States or Associated countries) are invited to submit proposals to organise research and innovation activities in any scientific domain through staff exchange.

Evaluation results will be known in July 2020. Successful proposals will then be invited to prepare a grant agreement, which should be signed by December 2020.

More information about this call is available here.

Source: Digital Single Market News (http://bit.ly/2PeUiKl)