• Posted 05-Dec-2018

INTEGR8 successfully reaches its completion

Set out to harness the potential of migrant women as integration experts; INTEGR8 project is now fruitfully coming to an end.

  • Posted 05-Dec-2018

SMART Volunteering for Female Migrants (SMART)

“SMART Volunteering for Female Migrants (SMART)”, brings together civil society organizations, the business community and migrant women in five EU states to promote better integration and the active participation of Third Country National (TCN) females in the European societies.

  • Posted 05-Dec-2018

Urbagri4women is coming to an end

Urbagri4women, an innovative project that sought to pave the way for the enhancement of migrant women’s role in cities and municipalities has completed its implementation period having fulfilled its pre-set objectives.

  • Posted 05-Dec-2018

A mobile app to help migrants and refugees BLEND IN

BLEND IN project, implemented in Cyprus by CARDET

  • Posted 04-Dec-2018

(GReFORM) – Good Governance enhancement through e-Learning for Sport Volunteer Board Members

GReFORM is a transnational Erasmus+ project aiming to increase the capabilities of volunteer Board members in sport organisations by providing online education on good governance.