• Posted 22-May-2019

SmartPV Project of FOSS Research Centre for Sustainable Energy

Winner of the LIFE Citizens’ Prize for 2019

  • Posted 17-May-2019

Yale School of Public Health and CARDET extend their collaboration

CARDET proudly announces the signing of an agreement with The Yale School of Public Health to extend their collaboration in the fields of research, education and development.

  • Posted 17-May-2019

EUROINVESTMENT: An online interactive game to enhance the financial literacy of low-skilled adults

EUROINVESTMENT, a two-year project funded by Eramus+ has officially been commenced its work in a bid to help adults enhance their financial knowledge and skills.

  • Posted 17-May-2019

A NEET SYSTEM to escape unemployment and exclusion

CARDET is pleased to announce the launch of NEET-SYSTEM; a new two-year Erasmus+ project that wishes to support and empower NEETs - young people who are not in employment, education or training.

  • Posted 10-Apr-2019

In4Cohesion Session: Prospects, Funding and Career Opportunities for Young People

On 2 March 2019, the Session "Prospects, Funding and Career Opportunities for Young People" took place during the Cyprus Career Expo 2019. The session was organised by the European Office of Cyprus under the project In4Cohesion.