• Posted 17-Jul-2019

Promoting hybrid Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Systems in residential dwellings in Cyprus: The European research project StoRES

The StoRES project focuses on the Photovoltaic (PV) technology coupled with energy storage and, more specifically, on the implementation of hybrid PV and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in households and small communities in Mediterranean countries with a high solar irradiance potential.

  • Posted 12-Jul-2019

In4Cohesion Project has been successfully completed

The EU funded project In4Cohesion: Information and Awareness for Cohesion Policy via media, has been completed successfully at the end of June 2019.

  • Posted 10-Jul-2019

An online training course to deal with work-related stress by BooStress

CARDET, Association Caminos and Future in Perspective are proud to announce that the BooStress eLearning platform is now available in English.

  • Posted 10-Jul-2019

QUALIFY presents tools to aid practitioners supporting unemployed individuals

QUALIFY is proud to present a set of ICT Tools specifically designed to support Guidance practitioners working with low-skilled unemployed individuals.

  • Posted 10-Jul-2019

Assembling Good practices for the Participation Migrants in education

PRISMA, a two year Erasmus+ project implemented by CARDET in Cyprus, is currently working on developing a tool to evaluate and categorize good practices in promoting the active inclusion of migrants in designing learning programmes.