• Posted 15-Dec-2016

European forward-looking cooperation projects in the fields of education and training

Forward-looking cooperation projects (FLCPs) are transnational cooperation projects aiming to identify, test, develop or assess innovative policy approaches that have the potential of becoming mainstreamed and giving input for improving education and training systems. They should provide in-depth knowledge on target group(s), learning, teaching or training situations and effective methodologies and tools that help policies to develop, as well as conclusions relevant for policymakers in education and training at all levels.

The specific objectives of the new call for proposals under Erasmus+ programme - Key action 3 on “Forward-looking cooperation” projects are:

  • to kick-start longer-term changes and field-test innovative solutions to challenges in the education and training fields which have the potential of becoming mainstreamed and to generate a sustainable and systemic impact on education and training systems,
  • to support transnational cooperation and mutual learning on forward-looking issues among key stakeholders,
  • to facilitate the collection and analysis of evidence to substantiate innovative policies and practices.

Proposals submitted under the present call must address one of the five priorities listed below:

  1. acquisition of basic skills by low-skilled adults,
  2. promoting performance-based approaches in VET,
  3. promoting innovative technology in the field of providing career guidance,
  4. professionalisation of staff (school education, including early childhood education and care),
  5. achieving the aims of the renewed EU strategy for higher education.

The activities to be financed under this call may include (not exhaustive list):

analyses, studies, mapping exercises, research activities, training activities, drafting of reports, project conclusions, policy recommendations, workshops, conferences/seminars, tests and assessments of innovative approaches at grass-roots level,awareness-raising and dissemination actions, actions aiming at the creation and improvement of networks, exchange of good practice, development of ICT tools (software, platforms, apps, etc.) or learning resources, development of other intellectual outputs.

Financial contribution from the EU cannot exceed 75 % of the total eligible project costs. The maximum grant per project is EUR 500 000. Proposals must be submitted not later than 14 March 2017.

More information: https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/erasmus-plus/funding/forward-looking-cooperation-projects-2017-eacea412016_en