• Posted 18-Dec-2016

International Conference on Innovative Approaches to Tourism and Leisure

Building on the success of the previews conferences, the 4th International Conference of the International Association of Cultural and Digital Tourism (IACuDiT) is to be held in Athens, Greece, on May 25-27, 2017, with the theme Innovative Approaches to Tourism and Leisure: Culture, Places and Narratives in a Sustainability Context.

The aim of this conference is to gather people from academia, industry, government, and other organizations, in order to discuss and develop new perspectives in the field of tourism, travel, hospitality, culture and heritage, leisure, and sports within a knowledge society in a sustainability context.

This conference will provide a good mix of stimulating discussions, cutting edge paper presentations and interesting social events. Athens’ multi-faceted sights, attractions and city life appeal to diverse groups of tourists, where shopping, authentic local and fusion gastronomy and clubbing experiences offer a wide range of choices and prices.

A call for papers is open until 20 March 2017.

More information: http://iacudit.org/Conference2017/