• Event Date 15-Jan-2020 Posted 12-Dec-2019

European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) 2021 Info Day

The 2021 edition of the European Entrepreneurial Region (EER)​ award has been launched on 26 November 2019 at the European SME Assembly in Helsinki (see the press release). The deadline for the submission of applications is 31 March 2020.

  • Event Date 13-Dec-2019 Posted 12-Nov-2019

Smarter rules for safer food and plant health

The new Official Controls Regulation (OCR), which brings together disperse rules into a single Regulation, will offer more targeted, risk-based controls along the agri-food chain. With its broader scope and new IT based tools, it provides for a modernised, integrated and efficient system to intercept risks related to public health, plant health, animal health and welfare.

  • Event Date 12-Dec-2019 Posted 25-Nov-2019

Societal Challenge 6 Online Brokerage Event

This online event will virtually take place on 12.12.2019, 11:00 to 12:30 CET and it is foreseen for up to 50 participants.

  • Event Date 12-Dec-2019 Posted 12-Nov-2019

Time’s up for food waste! Setting the EU action agenda towards 2030

The event, held on occasion of the 7th meeting of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste, will help define the EU action agenda and path towards the global target of halving food waste by 2030.

  • Event Date 10-Dec-2019 Posted 12-Nov-2019

Cybersecurity: What does it mean to EU Citizens?

Cybersecurity represents one of the greatest challenges that companies, individuals, national governments and supranational organisations currently face. The technological devices that citizens use daily could be at risk of potential cyber-threats due to insufficient built-in security safeguards.