• Posted 06-Jul-2016

Employment in the cultural sector

According to a report published on 6 July 2016 by EUROSTAT, 6 million people approximately were employed in the cultural field in the EU in 2014, or slightly less than 3% of the total number of persons employed. Of the almost 2 million artists and writers in the EU, nearly half (49%) were self-employed, a share much higher than that reported for total employment (15%).

Some of the report’s key findings are the following:

· At Member State level, the highest shares of cultural employment were observed in Luxembourg and Sweden, followed by Finland, Netherlands as well as Denmark. At the opposite end of the scale, the lowest share was observed in Romania (1.1%), followed by Slovakia (2.0%), Bulgaria (2.1%), Portugal (2.2%), Greece (2.3%) and Cyprus (2.4%).

· On average in the EU, women represented just below half (47%) of persons employed in the cultural field, just above the share of women in total employment, while 60% of people in cultural employment have tertiary education, almost double that of the total employment.

· Among the 2 million artists and writers who are in the EU, almost half are self-employed, a share of more than three times higher than the total employed persons in the EU.

More information: http://tinyurl.com/hku3oky