• Posted 17-Jul-2019

Αεροπορικα Δικαιωματα Επιβατων: Ηρθε η ωρα των διακοπων - Ταξιδευετε αεροπορικως - Μαθετε τα δικαιωματα σας

Πιο κάτω συνοψίζονται τα δικαιώματα όπως κατοχυρώνονται από την υφιστάμενη Ευρωπαϊκή νομοθεσία (Κανονισμός 261/2004).

  • Posted 12-Jul-2019

EU surpasses US in innovation league table as UK loses leader status in Europe

The European Commission’s 2019 Innovation Scoreboard shows the EU has for the first time moved ahead of the US in innovation performance, while the UK is dropped from the ranks of innovation leaders, despite a 17 per cent increase in performance since 2011.

  • Posted 12-Jul-2019

Update to ERC Advanced Grant Information for Applicants

The European Research Council has published a revised version of their "Information for Applicants to the Advanced Grant 2019" guidance document, providing more detail on changes to the Resources section.

  • Posted 08-Jul-2019

Commission-appointed panel publishes recommendations for artificial intelligence research

A European Commission-appointed panel has recommended the EU develops a roadmap for artificial intelligence research, boosts research funding, trains and attracts more AI researchers and invests in greater AI research capacity.

  • Posted 08-Jul-2019

Ireland’s chief scientist to head panel advising the European Innovation Council

The Irish government’s chief scientific adviser, Mark Ferguson, is to chair the European Commission’s panel of 22 research and innovation experts who will help steer the roll-out of the European Innovation Council (EIC), currently in its pilot phase.