• Posted 09-Mar-2020

New Strategic Research Agenda on Quantum technologies

On 3rd March, the chair of the Flagship’s Strategic Advisory Board, Prof. J.Mlynek, presented the new Strategic Research Agenda for the Quantum Flagship to Roberto Viola, the Director General of the Communications Networks, Content and Technology (Connect) at the European Commission.

The document aims at setting a clear direction for the future development of quantum research and innovation in Europe.

This 70-page document was drafted after a consultation with more than 2000 quantum experts across Europe over an 18-month period. It includes ambitious goals for the Quantum Flagship over the next three years, with a broader outlook for the next six to ten years.

These goals are structured around the four major applied areas of quantum technologies:

  • communication;
  • computing;
  • simulation;
  • sensing and metrology.

These four areas are anchored by a common basis in basic science, and will be supported by work in cross-cutting areas like engineering and education and training.

Source: Digital Single Market News (http://bit.ly/39uJnFe)