• Event Date 24-Sep-2019 Posted 12-Jul-2019

The role of innovation in supporting harm reduction

Harm reduction can be defined as a strategy, a programme or a practice that aims to reduce the harms associated with certain conducts of individuals and to protect public health.

  • Event Date 23-Sep-2019 Posted 12-Jul-2019

High level Conference on Advancing LGBTI equality in the EU: from 2020 and beyond

The debates and discussions of the conference will inform future policies aiming at advancing LGBTI equality in the EU.

  • Event Date 10-Sep-2019 Posted 12-Jul-2019

#EU Influencer 2019: How has social media reshaped political communication?

Influence is now inextricably linked to the big social media platforms.

  • Event Date 05-Sep-2019 Posted 12-Jul-2019

Advanced Biofuels: Towards Renewable Energy Transition in Europe

This workshop aims to contribute to an economically sensible, independent, sustainable and environmentally friendly European energy and climate policy.

  • Event Date 20-Aug-2019 Posted 19-Jun-2019

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