• Posted 29-Nov-2019

EU Defence Agency Launches “B2B” Partner Search Platform

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has launched its 'B2B' partner search platform, allowing industry to identify other organisations for collaboration on defence projects.

The platform itself is an online tool which aims to facilitate cross-border partnerships between European defence industry stakeholders by allowing them to quickly and easily search for potential partners for defence-related projects and programmes. A such, those research organisations with a specific interest in defence topics are encouraged to register on the B2B platform in anticipation of future calls.

The platform is designed for industrial and research & technology (R&T) entities that are not controlled by entities from outside the EU when it comes to intellectual property rights, security of supply, security of information or export controls. It allows registrants to both create profiles establishing their 'needs' and to react to specific partner search requests. Further guidance from the EDA has also been published in a supporting factsheet document which you can find here.

Source: UKRO