• Posted 25-Nov-2019

Updated Organisation Chart of DG Research and Innovation

The Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD) of the European Commission has published an updated organisation chart.

The organogram now includes details of posts that have been left unfilled after the reorganisation of DG RTD, which took place earlier this year.

Several new (acting) heads of units have been appointed, including:

  • Missions & Partnerships (RTD.A.4) - Mr Manuel Aleixo (also acting as assistant to the Director-General);
  • Bioeconomy & Food Systems (RTD.C.2) - Mr Peter Wehrheim, replacing Waldemar Kütt;
  • Ecological and Social Transitions (RTD.C.5) - Mr Bernd Biervert;
  • Horizon Europe Association (RTD.05) - Ms Anne Haglund-Morrissey, replacing Andrea Carignani Di Novoli;
  • International Cooperation II (Asia, Africa, Middle East & External Relations) (RTD.H.2) - Ms Nienke Buisman;
  • EIC Governance & Coordination (RTD.TF.1) – Mr Keith Sequeira.

Furthermore, Ms Anna Krzyżanowska has been appointed as Adviser for "Mission Innovation" to the Deputy Director-General (RTD.DDG2.ADV01), and Mr Waldemar Kütt is now listed as Acting Director of the ERC Executive Agency, following his appointment to this role in August.

You can find the new organogramme here.

Source: UKRO