• Posted 04-Nov-2019

EU Code Week 2019 brings coding and tech skills to millions of Europeans

The 7th edition of EU Code Week took place between 5 and 20 October. This year, thousands of activities took place in approximately 70 countries around the world. Through EU Code Week, anyone and everyone can help bring digital literacy to their community by organising activities!

EU Code Week is a grassroots movement supported by the European Commission, which brings digital literacy, including coding, to all Europeans.

The launch of this year’s EU Code Week took place on international teacher’s day.  EU Code Week is part of the Digital Education Action Plan, which aims to help Europeans acquire digital skills that will help them take part in society and the labour market. The goal is that Code Week reaches 50% of all schools in Europe and the Western Balkans by 2020. Last year, 2.7 million participants in over 70 countries participated in the initiative, a true testimony to the growing interest in digital literacy, computational thinking, coding and tech skills.

It is essential that everyone has equal access to digital technologies and learning, regardless of the socio-economic background and gender. To make this happen, this year, Code Week placed a greater emphasis on reaching schools through teacher training along with other institutions and actors such as public libraries.

Multiple online and in-person trainings were organised in advance of this year’s Code Week for participants to make the most of EU Code Week. An online course for teachers is currently available to provide a deep dive so that teachers can bring coding and computational thinking into the classroom. While this course is designed for teachers, it is available for anyone who is interested in organising coding activities. Furthermore, new learning materials and resources including videos and lesson plans for teachers and event organisers have been made available in 29 languages.

More information: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/eu-code-week-2019-brings-coding-and-tech-skills-millions-europeans