• Posted 04-Nov-2019

Composition of Horizon Europe Mission Assemblies Announced

The European Commission has now made publicly available the names of the Horizon Europe Mission Assemblies members.

Mission Assemblies were not originally envisioned by the European Commission's in its plans for a mission-oriented approach under Horizon Europe. They were formulated as a result of the significant number of responses received from exceptional candidates in the call for Mission Board members. Their role is to narrow down the five broad mission areas that were identified during the negotiations of the Horizon Europe programme:

  • Adaptation to Climate Change including Societal Transformation;
  • Cancer;
  • Healthy Oceans, Seas, Coastal and inland Waters;
  • Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities;
  • Soil health and Food.

Up to 30 members can participate in each of the Mission Assemblies in comparison to the 15-member Mission Boards. The Assemblies are meant to provide an additional pool of ideas, knowledge and expertise that the Horizon Europe Mission Boards can call upon. Each Assembly can be mobilised to closely collaborate with its corresponding Mission Board, reflecting on discussions and questions from the Mission Board, addressing issues such as how to define mission priorities, how to maximise impact, how to liaise with stakeholders and the public at large, how to attract private funds, how to ensure outreach and engage with the media.

The first meetings of Mission Boards have already taken place and the details of their implementation, including synergies between missions and with other parts of Horizon Europe, as well as individual budget details are currently being determined. This process happens in parallel with the development of the Strategic Plan for Horizon Europe, which is expected to be adopted by the third quarter of 2020. Due to the different nature of the requirements in addressing each of the missions, it is understood that not all missions under Horizon Europe will adopt the exact same form with potential variations taking place in both form and size.

The full details of Mission Board chairs, Mission Board members and members of Mission Assemblies are available on the European Commission’s web page.

Source: UKRO