• Posted 19-Jun-2019

Defence and security: strengthen your opportunities

The EU is proposing a €13bn budget for defence and security R&D - and it provides opportunities and proposals specifically for SMEs

The EU wants to encourage more co-operation between countries in the field of defence and security. It is  proposing a budget of €13bn for R&D from 2021 to 2027 under the European Defence Fund. Funding is offered through a co-financing approach with European governments, covering up to 100 per cent of eligible costs.

Opportunities are being provided specifically for SMEs as a proportion of the budget. Some project categories will focus solely on consortia of SMEs. The first calls for proposals are expected in January 2021 but in the interim other opportunities are currently available.

The Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR) has a budget of €90m for 2017 to 2019. This is distributed in the form of grants, the bulk of which supports small R&T programmes. Ten new projects will be launched this year. It looks and feels like Horizon 2020, but is adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the defence sector and financial regulations, is grant-based and the IP rights are owned by the participants. The 2019 work programmes are: critical defence technologies, future and emerging disruptive technologies, and standardisation and interoperability. They can be searched on the EU Funding & Tenders Portal.

More information: https://www.enterprise-europe.co.uk/blog/Defence-and-security-strengthen-your-opportunities